Shooting range in Gdansk

Shooting range in Gdańsk

Welcome to a shooting range in Gdansk!

nauka strzelania gdańskKrzysztof Kuczyński

shooting instructor,
founder of Gdansk Shootig Academy

Shooting range in Gdańsk –  here you’ll feel a lot of positive emotions.

instruktor strzelectwa gdańsk

A knowledge of safety rules applicable on a shooting range will pave the way to an exceptional adventure with real firearms. Because not everyone wishes to have his own gun. Most of you are attracted just by a mere chance to fire some rounds in save conditions.

Initially we visit a shooting range out of couriosity. A first touch of a real firarm is quite an exciting expetience. Hence, we are usually searching for an unique form of recreation and getaway.

Shooting – sport and pleasure

In course of time, a contact with pistol or rifle enables gives something more. Shoting is sport, field for self-improvement, and sometimes – a real passion.

A shooting range is also a meeting point of adults, youth and children. Our lessons are usually conducted on a KSI shooting range in Gdansk.

Our shooting instructor adjusts the agenda and type of firearm to your expectations. Beacuse your contact with firearms shall bring nothing more than joy and pleasure.

Under instructor’s supervision, this sport is really safe..

A shooting itself teaches us self-control, enables us to have a rest after a busy day and learn yourself.

I grounded Gdansk Shooting Academy out of real passion that I also would like to infect You!

Group meetins on a shooting range in Gdansk.

imprezy integracyjne na strzelnicy

Thanks to cooperation with experienced instructors and paramedics we gave prepared various scenarios of interesting shootin courses, encompassing elemnts of first medical aid.

You can shoose among various scenarios of group meetings. We make efforts to assure our courses to bring a lot of fun, emotions and – of course – a bit of real practical knowlegde. Each scenario is defined and quoted individually.

Here you can find examples of our group meetings on a shooting range click here->.

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Welcome to a shooting range in Gdansk!

Krzysztof Kuczyński

shooting range in Gdansk