Where to shoot in Gdańsk?

There are several shooting ranges – covered and open. I am not limited to just one object. Depending on the season, shooting hours and schedule of activities, we will select the appropriate shooting range. Basically we run our courses on a KSI shooting range in Gdansk.

Why is it worth getting a firearms license?

Because shooting has many faces – it is a sport, hobby, entertainment, recreation, a form of spending free time, a form of self-improvement and competition. First, it emotional and then calms you down, allowing you to isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Sounds surprising? We will prove it to be true.

At what age can you start shooting?

A firearms license may be obtained by a person over the age of 21, exceptionally, a license for sports or hunting purposes may be obtained after the age of 18.

shooting gdanskBut at the shooting range, under the watchful eye of the “shooting leader”, literally everyone can shoot. No firearms license is needed here. There are also no age restrictions. We only need to adjust the weapon to the shooter’s physical conditions.

At the shooting range, we also meet young people, and even (mom’s attention!) – children. Of course, we do not hand the youngest firearms. An air gun that looks like a gun and the instructor’s watchful eye provides an amazing adventure, combined with learning the safety rules. At the end, a photo with a real gun will be an unforgettable souvenir!

More about the child at the shooting range in the article ->

Is it dangerous to have a gun?

No more than owning a car or jumping headlong off the pier. You can hurt yourself with a hair dryer in the bathroom or with an angle grinder during needlework at home. A weapon is a device like any other.

Accidents with weapons happen only when we do not follow strict safety rules. Our role is to teach you the rules of safe gun handling and behavior at the shooting range. These shooting ABC’s are a prerequisite for taking the gun license examination.

As long as you are under our protection, we will make sure that you follow them strictly.

Can women shoot?

woman shooting in gdansk

As you can see in the photo next to 🙂

Women often shoot better than men.

Women are calmer, they don’t treat shooting ambitiously. And this allows you to achieve better results.

So women not only can shoot, but they also do it. With its grace 🙂


But isn’t it boring? How long can you shoot a target…?

CzHave we not talked about the many faces of shooting? Our workouts have little to do with the monotonous record breaking in the center of the target. As we progress, we introduce new “attractions” that bring us closer to the so-called dynamic shooting. The target may be a special sheet or so-called “Popper” – a tin silhouette, lying down when hit:

Advanced students learn to cooperate by shooting multiple targets together. This is often referred to as tactical shooting. And for those who want additional impressions, we can use a moving target – e.g. a hare, or shoot darts.

Will participation in classes help in obtaining a permit for own firearms?

Yes. Our goal is to promote shooting. On request, we profile theoretical and practical classes in terms of obtaining the knowledge and skills necessary to obtain firearms permits. The school is managed by Krzysztof Kuczyński – lawyer and shooting instructor. The combination of both professions allows for professional preparation of students for exams.

Acting as part of the KPDI Law Firm in Gdańsk, attorney-at-law Krzysztof Kuczyński represents candidates in proceedings for issuing a firearms license, as well as in other proceedings related to the possession or use of firearms. More ->

How many people can shoot at once?

Classes for two are very good. While one shoots, the other observes the work with the instructor and catches any errors. It is also the most economical version of the course.

We conduct not only individual trainings, but also recreational activities for groups. We are able to provide equipment and instructors supporting classes for up to 15 people. Here we are actually limited only by the technical possibilities of shooting ranges.

And sometimes one person has more than one weapon in his hand 🙂

Have more questions? I am happy to answer

Krzysztof Kuczyński