KBK AKM Kalashnikov

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AKM, a modernized version of the Kalashnikov, in the standard caliber 7.62×39.

The AKM carabiner works by discharging part of the powder gases through the side opening of the barrel leading to the gas chamber. There is a gas piston in the gas chamber, which unlocks the lock when shot. The type of fire switch also acts as a fuse.

Kalashnikov rifles are fed with a standard 30-round magazine. Of course, you can attach larger and smaller magazines.

Our AKM has undergone extensive modernization – incl. wooden elements were replaced with substitutes made of polymers and duralumin. Foldable and adjustable stock allows you to adjust it to your body shape. An aluminum bed with mounting rails allows the installation of additional accessories. Currently, the rifle is equipped with a collimator (red point indicating the place of the shot), an additional left hand grip and a recoil compensator, thanks to which the shot is really soft.

A skilled shooter is able to fire about 5 shots per second.