Shooting range in Gdansk

I invite you to an adventure with real weapons!

shooting range in gdansk

Krzysztof Kuczyński

shooting instructor, founder of the Gdańsk Shooting School


Shooting range in Gdansk – here you will experience many positive emotions.

Knowledge of the rules of gun handling and safety at the shooting range opens the way to a unique adventure. After GSS SHOOTINGall, not all of us need to have a gun at home to enjoy dealing with it.

At the beginning, we visit the shooting range out of curiosity. The first contact with a gun is usually an exciting experience. After all, at the shooting range we want to experience an unusual form of recreation, a springboard from everyday life.

With time, however, contact with a pistol or a rifle allows you to find something more – sport, a way to self-improvement, and sometimes a real passion.

The shooting range is a meeting place for adults, teenagers and children. Classes are usually conducted at the KSI shooting range in Gdańsk. The shooting instructor will adjust the curriculum and the type of weapon accordingly. So that the encounter with the weapon was first and foremost a pleasure.

The sport is completely safe under the supervision of an instructor and the activities are pleasant.

Shooting certainly teaches self-control, allows you to relax and get to know yourself better. Firearms are not as terrible as… the media present.

I created the Gdansk Shooting School out of a true passion for firearms, which I want to infect you with.

Group events at the shooting range in Gdansk.

Shooting range gdansk

Thanks to cooperation with experienced instructors and paramedics, we have prepared scenarios of very interesting shooting training courses, including those covering elements of medical rescue.

Here, the range of scenarios is very wide. So we try to make our classes combine fun, emotions and a mouthful of practical knowledge. Each scenario of the training / integration event is determined and priced individually. Examples of group training scenarios can be found here ->

Assistance in obtaining a firearms license

Do you dream of having your own gun? Then you’ve come to the right place!instruktor strzelectwa

A shooting instructor will conduct training in terms of acquiring the skills required to obtain a firearms license.

Many years of experience at the shooting range, teaching skills and solid legal knowledge allow us to provide the highest level of training in both the use of firearms and the law. More information about the procedure for obtaining a firearms license can be found here ->.

What can you find on the GSS website?

On the website you will find not only a training offer, but also useful information about firearms and shooting.

In the Knowledge Base you will find a lot of information on the possession of firearms in Poland. They are divided thematically:

  • Publications (PL version only) – containing a collection of all my articles on firearms. Some of them were published in Polish newspapers . The rest are the result of running a “blog” about firearms.
  • Law (PL version only) – a general list and content of the most important provisions of Polish law regarding firearms.
  • How to get a firearms license? – basic information about the process of obtaining a firearm license in Poland.
  • FAQ – answers to the most frequently asked questions. And in the Gallery tab, there are examples of photos and video reports from the training.

And in the Gallery tab, there are examples of photos and video reports from the training.

Feel free to join the adventure at the shooting range in Gdansk with me!

Krzysztof Kuczyński